As of January 1, 2019, the Landlord/Tenant Officer increased their filing fees on Alias Writs in the amount of $95.00. Regrettably, HAPCO will have to pass this increase on to our members. Starting January 1, 2019 a One-Step case will cost $445.00. The first step (payment for court hearing only) will remain at $230.00.

Comprehensive Method

Includes steps 1-3 above, as well as the cost of a petition ($445.00). If your tenant should Appeal, you will be charged a discounted rate from the attorney.

Eviction Step-By-Step Method

  1. Municipal Court Hearing – $230.00
  2. Writ of Possession – $165.00
  3. Alias Writ – $95.00
  4. Reschedule Eviction for Landlord/Tenant Officer – $45.00


Notice to Vacate/Quit

10 Day Notice

15 Day Notice

Municipal Court Eviction

Eviction Break Down

Payment Methods

Before paying for the eviction case you must have all paperwork filed with the HAPCO office. Call the HAPCO office before making payment arrangements at 215.684.1684.

One-Step Eviction Method

$445.00 (plus $12.00 credit card fee*)

Municipal Court Hearing

$230.00 (plus $12.00 credit card fee*)

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