PA Legislation Introduced to Preempt Philadelphia From Seeking Rent Control

State Rep. Greg Rothman (R-District 87, Cumberland County) has introduced a measure in the Pennsylvania State House that would prevent […]

What the Latest COVID-19 Relief Bill Means to PA Landlords

The latest COVID-19 relief bill was signed into law on December 27, 2020. It is a $900 billion pandemic-relief package […]

Eviction Moratorium Extended Through January

Philly Judge Extends Moratorium One Month Following the order by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the President Judge […]

New Hapco Philadelphia Video Shows How City Is Failing Landlords

In an effort to protect tenants, the City’s emergency housing protections laws are putting landlords in financial peril. See how […]

Landlords Not Taking Philly COVID Rent Money? Why?

8,900 city tenants applied, just 4,096 got assistance. Many landlords opted out. A stunning new study from the Housing Initiative […]

Approx. 1/3 of Landlords Who Applied Got Help from PA’s CARES Rent Relief Program

Of the 28,687 landlords who applied for assistance, 10,020 received it. The Pennsylvania House Finance Agency has released its final […]