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Membership Privileges

Join now to receive the numerous benefits of being a HAPCO Philadelphia member, including:

  • Eviction Service with professional attorney representation
  • Monthly HAPCO Philadelphia Newsletter containing pertinent information on events/issues that affect property owners
  • Invaluable information on legislation, regulation, etc. that impact our businesses
  • HAPCO Philadelphia Online Forum which discusses current issues/problems facing property owners
  • Discount on paint and related products from Home Depot
  • Automatic enrollment in PROA (Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association)
  • Free admission to general membership meetings featuring public officials, industry experts, and guest speakers covering hot topics and issues in our industry
  • Free or discounted admission to HAPCO Philadelphia special training, educational, and informational seminars held throughout the year
  • Access to “member only” features on HAPCO Philadelphia website
  • Discount online tenant credit/screening reports
  • Free online advertising of properties for rent and for sale

HAPCO Philadelphia Members Pledge

  • To respect the rights of our tenants, in written and oral agreements
  • To uphold the letter and spirit of the law in business dealings
  • To cooperate with City agencies to develop good housing practices
  • To share with other members our business experience & knowledge
  • To share our expertise in public sector programs for the needy
  • To avoid misrepresentation, exaggeration, or concealment in business
  • To be involved in political action
  • To pursue fair private property legislation

HAPCO Philadelphia Code of Ethics

  • As members of HAPCO Philadelphia, and as concerned and involved citizens, we pledge to preserve and upgrade the private housing stock.
  • As owners, investors, and managers of neighborhood dwellings, we are resolved to protect and improve our neighborhoods, to defend private property rights, to fight vigorously against vandalism, graffiti, decay, and home abandonment, and against punitive and unfair edicts and legislation.
  • We will cooperate with other members of the private sector, and with responsible authorities in the public sector towards these goals.
  • As local business men and business women, we will be ethical and honest in our dealings with housing consumers.
  • As entrepreneurs in a free society, we believe in the right to reasonable profit for our investment and management skills, just as labor deserves fair wages for its efforts.
  • Government regulation and legislation should be fair and minimal, to allow the private sector the reasonable freedom, competition, efficiency and economy, to provide good housing, and to derive equitable compensation in our supply of rental housing.


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