Commercial Eviction Form

Step By Step Method:
Step 1. Municipal Court Hearing: $285.00(approximately 2-3 months to get a hearing date in Municipal Court).
Step 2. Writ of Possession: $185.00(After receiving a Judgement, Hapco Philadelphia can file a Writ of Possession from 11th calendar day onwards).
Step 3. Alias Writ: $120.00(After the Writ of Possession has been approved by Municipal Court, Hapco Philadelphia can file the Alias Writ from the 12th calendar day. For JBA cases, Hapco Philadelphia must file an affidavit of breach before filing Alias Writ, if the tenant breaks the agreement, which will take extra 5-6 calendar days). If any petition hearing, will cost extra. To reschedule lockout: $50.00.

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Required documents to submit for a Commercial eviction:

  • Commercial Activity License/ Business privilege license
  • Lease
  • Ledger (Only if you are filing for non-payment of rent)
  • Notice to vacate/Quit

Step-By-Step Method

• Municipal Court Hearing: $285.00 + $9.00(transaction fee)
• Writ of Possession: $185.00 + $6.00(transaction fee)
• Alias Writ: $120.00 + $6.00(transaction fee)