For years, HP has held the line on increasing fees for members.

The HP Board has always advocated making a HAPCO Philadelphia membership very affordable.  And our annual fee is well below those of similar advocacy groups.

And that is why we’re making this fee increase manageable for our members.

Starting June 1st of this year, the cost for a new member to join or an expired member to rejoin is $206.  It’ll be the same cost, whether you send in a check or renew on the HP website at

And members in good standing who are renewing their membership will pay $165, which is also the same for mailed in checks or online renewals.

The slight increase is still a bargain for an organization with the reach and influence of HAPCO Philadelphia in City Hall, Harrisburg, and Congress.

And the member benefits keep coming!  We’ve rolled out the new, state-of-the-art HP Lease Package to members at no cost!  It’s custom-tailored to Philadelphia laws, rules, and regs!  You can get details on the HP website at

Also being released is the much-sought-after new digital, searchable HAPCO Philadelphia Handbook!  It’s the bible for any rental property owner.  It’ll be available as a Members Only exclusive on the HP website!

HAPCO Philadelphia, along with out rental owner coalition partners, continues to fight rent control at City Hall, successfully postponing a last-minute hearing scheduled by a pro-rent control group.

There is strength in numbers and by being a member of HAPCO Philadelphia, HP makes sure your voice is heard!