Philadelphia City Councilmember Mark Squilla introduced Bill #220299 on March 31st  known as the Retrofit Automatic Sprinkler Legislation.

It requires automatic sprinklers to be retrofitted into existing high-rise buildings over 75-feet and Hapco Philadelphia is teaming up with the Pennsylvania Apartment Association to opposed its passage.

PAA is also working to get a financial impact study done in Philadelphia to analyze the impact this legislation will have on the rental industry and affordability across the City of Philadelphia.  PAA met with Councilman Squilla in advance of a hearing on the bill set for April 19th and he’s indicated he’s amenable to allowing PAA more time to conduct the economic impact study.

If this legislation is approved it would cost rental property owners hundreds of thousands of dollars, on top of relocation costs, and maintenance costs on a yearly basis.

Hapco Philadelphia is joining PAA in asking property rental owners to sign the attached opposition letter and email it to .  They’ll be delivered to Councilman Squilla and members of the Committee on Licenses and Inspections.