Watch our new promo for “Landlord Tenant World” premiering soon on Hapco Philadelphia’s Facebook Page!

“Landlord Tenant World” is a long-awaiting and sorely needed outlet for rental and investment property owners, managers, and industry vendors, as well as tenants.

“This new podcast is an incredible voice for HP members,” says Hapco Philadelphia President, Greg Wertman.  “It’s another way for the world to know what rental owners face.”

The 30-minute show will air monthly on the Hapco Philadelphia Facebook Page

The first episode features HP President Greg Wertman on why owning rental property is still a great investment and income source, despite recent challenges like the City’s Eviction Diversion Program  and incidents surrounding the Municipal Court Landlord Tenant Office

The show will also include HP’s general counsel and nationally known rental law expert, Paul Cohen, to talk about how landlord friendly Philadelphia’s new Mayor and City Council will be.

Hosted by veteran Philly TV journalist and Emmy-winning reporter, Doug Shimell, “Landlord Tenant World” takes a warts-and-all approach to what’s right, what’s wrong, and what needs fixing in the City’s affordable and market-rate rental housing market.

“We’ll have advice, tips, and tricks from rental industry experts to help rental owners and their tenants succeed as partners,” adds Wertman.  “It’s Must See Podcast TV!”


Play the “Landlord Tenant World” promo below!