Hapco Board Members on 1210 WPHT Radio (Listen here)

Hapco Board Members Greg Wertman and Jim Sims appeared on the program “Investor Schooling” on 1210 WPHT Radio on Sunday, […]

Phila. Inquirer Op/ED: Hapco Responds to Rent Freeze Debate

On Friday, May 1, the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Op/Ed section ran a Pro/Con on whether Pennsylvania should freeze rent and mortgage […]

New PA Legislation Would Allow Landlords to File Insurance Claims

A bill introduced this week in the Pennsylvania State Senate would clarify that investment property owners who are unable to […]

Hapco VP Appears on CBS Philly

With May rent soon coming due, Hapco 1st Vice President Victor Pinckney responds to a “Cancel the Rent” rally in […]

MUST SEE: Hapco Town Hall Video Conference

As a landlord, you have many questions. Here are many of the answers. Philadelphia landlords have many questions during the […]

Philadelphia Evictions Stayed Until June 1

In a sweeping order, President Judge Idee Fox, as Chair of the Administrative Governing Board of the First Judicial District, has […]