Philadelphia is the 7th metro nationwide, with a striking 79% share of Gen Z-ers staying in the nest, according the latest study from  When it comes to Millennials living at home, their percentage in Philly is higher than the national average of 20%, meaning this age group finds it harder to achieve independence here compared to their peers in most U.S. metros.

Nationally, younger generations are spending more time in their parental homes, with 40% planning to continue for at least two more years. Analyzing the latest IPUMS data, we’ve identified metros where Gen Z and Millennials predominantly live with family.

Explore multigenerational* living among Gen Z and Millennials in the Philadelphia metro area:

  • 79% of Zoomers, roughly 508,500, still live under the same roof as their parents, far surpassing the national average of 68%. This indicates that only 11% of Philadelphia’s Gen Z-ers started to live independently between 2018 and 2022.
  • Among Millennials (26-41 years old) in Philadelphia, 21% live with their parents, on par with Louisville, KY and Boston, MA. Although 37% of Philadelphia’s Millennials managed to set out on their own in recent years, the percentage of those staying at home in the metro is still one of the highest in the nation (#16th).
  • What about other Pennsylvania metros? Pittsburgh is the 6th metro nationwide with an 80% share of Zoomers delaying leaving the nest. Just like in Philly, only 11% of Gen Z-ers moved out over the 5 year-period. Allentown, on the other hand, boasts the highest percentage of this age group in multigenerational households in Pennsylvania (92%). 

* defines multigenerational households as households that include any family members other than the householder and their partner, such as parents, grandparents, roommates, other relatives, or own adult children.