As every rental property owner knows, it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, but nothing happens fast here.

And that goes for what should be a simple move to our new home.

Priya and Lauren in the Hapco Philadelphia are working overtime to make the move to our new digs!

What would be a relatively quick changeover in other cities from Verizon to Comcast after we move October 30th to the 31st will, of course, take up to a couple of weeks!

In that transition period, the best way to reach Hapco Philadelphia is via email at

If you need lockout and eviction information, the email address is

If you must call the office, you can do so until the switchover November 15th at 215-684-1684.

If you need to reach us during the transition and your email and call don’t go through, reach out on the Hapco Philadelphia Facebook Members Group at

Or, search “Hapco Philadelphia Members Group” on Facebook.

Once the moving dust settles, Hapco Philadelphia’s new address will be:

1628 JFK Blvd., 8 Penn Center, Lower Level C12, Philadelphia, 19103