More COVID Rent Money For Philly Landlords & Tenants A Drop In The Bucket

As Philadelphia’s pandemic rental assistance monies were running out, a new infusion of cash.

While the new $35 million sounds like a lot, keep in mind that the City of Philadelphia’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program has already used up more than $199 million for struggling rental property owners and their tenants.  And there are still countless applications that haven’t been reviewed or approved yet.


Latest News From Hapco Philadelphia's Lobbyist In Harrisburg

Everything you need to know, on what’s left of the limited eviction moratorium, unspent COVID rent relief monies and Hapco Philadelphia’s efforts to fix that, and a new bill to divert evictions and foreclosures through emergency rental and homeowner assistance programs.

Hapco Philadelphia Interviewed About Landlords Selling Off Properties

President Greg Wertman reacts in the Philadelphia Inquirer to the recent Harvard study showing landlords getting out of the affordable housing market.

And the pandemic is apparently speeding up that trend.