Sure, it’s a Boston-area event and a Boston story.  But it’s what Philly rental and investment property owners have been up against for years.

What was once a good investment in small, multifamily affordable housing has now become nearly extinct as politicians and tenant advocates have created a rental environment that has pushed the small, independent Mom and Pop rental owners out of the market.  All thanks to increased government taxes, fees, costs, and regulation.

It’s a Boston story, but Philadelphia City Council must realize, it’s a Philly story as well.

 The Truth About Small Multifamily Investing & Why We Got Out:  A Boston Story

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been asked on a regular basis when we are doing an event on the South Shore.

We all know that we Bostonians don’t cross through the city – and here is your chance(if you are South of Boston) to attend our first-ever South Shore Event – in Braintree.

At this FREE event(with drinks on us), we are going to go into detail about The Truth About Investing in Small Multi-Family.
If you’re like me and you were convinced that investing in small multi-family real estate is the easiest path to passive income – think again.
In this “Tell It Like It Is” event, we are going to go into detail about what owning small multi-family real estate is really like, including:
1.  Why we quit small multi-family and why you should too(especially in 2023)
2.  Why other real estate investing tactics like flipping have become more challenging in our market.
3.  How you can invest in apartments – even if you don’t have a ton of money or experience
4.  The benefits of investing passively
To be clear – we are not saying that you should automatically cross small multi-family investing off of your list – but we are going to cover some of the most recent changes that have us advising fewer and fewer investors to do it.
So, if you’re considering investing in small multi-family, or you’re already investing in small multi-family and are facing some challenges, then this event is for you.