HAPCO Philadelphia continues to push back on claims that Philly rents are too high.  They’re not!  And the August survey from RentCafe.com backs that up.

The survey reveals the most popular cities for renters each month.

In August, Philadelphia remains a preferred choice among renters, as it has consistently throughout the year. It maintains its 12th position, mirroring July’s ranking, and is situated between Overland Park, KS, and Queens, NY. On a regional scale, Philadelphia maintains its second place standing, following closely behind Bronx, NY. 

Here are the metrics that indicate renters’ growing interest in Philly: 

  • YoY change in apartments added to favorites:  169% 
  • YoY change in listing views: 41% 
  • YoY change in saved personalized searches: 38%
  • YoY change in available apartments:  -11%