The City of Philadelphia now requires ALL rental properties to have “Lead Safe Certificates” filed with the Public Health Department.

Our partner, Bartiz Law, is ready to help. Below is a letter sent to clients.

New Philadelphia Lead Paint Certification Law
Dear Clients: You may be aware, The City of Philadelphia recently announced an addition to the Lead Law that it will now require ALL rental properties (not just those with children under 6) to have “Lead-Safe Certificates” filed with the Public Health Department starting in 2020 (link to announcement below).  Landlords/property managers who are addressing this issue well in advance are going to save thousands of dollars and unnecessary anxiety by simply getting their properties tested. In order to avoid costly fines and risk an audit by the Public Health Department, I would highly recommend that you obtain ”lead safe” certificates for each of your properties. 
  • Currently, the law requires owners of properties built before 1978 and rented to children 6 years or younger to provide the tenant with certification prepared by a dust wipe technician stating that the property is either lead safe or lead-free. Beginning October 1, 2020, landlords who own/manage properties in certain Philadelphia Zip Codes will be required to test and certify rental properties as lead-safe or lead-free, regardless of a child’s age, in order to:
  • Execute a new or renewed lease or
  • Receive or renew a rental license.

Attached is a link to the breakdown of the timing of required inspections based on zip code.
Lead Paint Zip Codes

On behalf of my clients, I have made arrangements with a Philadelphia Certified Lead Testing company to assist you at a reduced rate.   Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to be referred to a Certified Leas Paint Testing Company. 

Best Regards,
Your Team at Baritz Law