Hapco Alert: We need your help now!

Hapco’s lobbyists in Harrisburg tell us House Bill 71 on “Accelerated Order of Possession” is ready for a vote in […]

HAPCO Fall Education Series Is Underway

“2nd Wednesday of the Month“ Events run 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm and include happy hour networking prior to each […]

HAPCO Sees Landlord-Tenant Relationship as Key to Protecting Philly Kids From Lead Paint

The investment and rental property owner’s association of Philadelphia agrees with Public Citizens for Children and Youth, that Philly kids […]

A Blueprint For Successful Investment

Why should investors in Philly rental property join HAPCO? Learn why our board members call it a blueprint for success!

HAPCO Sees Enhanced Ways to Protect Philly Kids from Lead Paint

The rental property owners of Philadelphia see a new City Council lead paint bill as the perfect starting point for protecting children […]

Representing You in Harrisburg

If you’re a rental or investment property owner in Philadelphia, bills being debated at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg […]