Special Hapco “Media & Marketing” Forum Thursday

Bed bugs. Eviction. Rent Control. Hoarding. Lead Paint. They’re all issues in the news today that affect rental property investors. […]

Quick Talks: Meet the Board Member Jim Sims

Are you a Philly landlord struggling with the rules and regulations of rental property ownership? Jim Sims says he solved […]

Quick Talks: Meet the Tenant

Educated landlords make for better landlord-tenant relationships. Just ask Stuart Netsky, who’s been a “Hapco tenant” for more than twenty […]

Meet the Board Member: Robert Levin

Useful information is worth sharing. Just ask this second-generation Hapco member!

The Benefits of Education

Why is landlord education so important? That’s the question we posed last week to some attendees of Hapco’s Real Estate […]

¿Hablas Español?

Landlord and Hapco member Andy Barrios offers some good advice!