Hapco needs you to call City Council and speak out against city-funded attorneys for tenants facing eviction! Call your council […]

Hapco Adds Two Education Events: Lead Testing Law & Rental Property Expo

Hapco announces two must-attend events for members: How to comply with Philadelphia’s new lead testing lawHow to stay ahead of […]

New Lead Bill Passed By Philadelphia City Council

On September 26, 2019, Philadelphia City Council passed a new lead bill which amends the current law regarding lead in […]

Don’t Miss Hapco’s Upcoming Seminar on Private Lending

Hapco’s next Educational Seminar on Private Lending is scheduled for Tuesday, October 9th. If you’re considering borrowing or lending money […]

Member Alert: Action Needed on Lead Testing Bill

WE NEED YOUR ACTION NOW ON CITY COUNCIL’S NEW LEAD TESTING BILL! Philadelphia City Councilmembers are scheduled to vote this […]

Hapco Alert: We need your help now!

Hapco’s lobbyists in Harrisburg tell us House Bill 71 on “Accelerated Order of Possession” is ready for a vote in […]