Several months ago, Hapco Philadelphia introduced its members to the “Sally” animated series. In this latest installment, entitled “Treated Differently”, the video describes the financial hardships that Philadelphia landlords are enduring as a result of the Emergency Housing Protection Act. The series of new laws passed by City Council was meant to help tenants financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by kicking their rent payments down the road. But a price is being paid by landlords, who are now struggling to pay their mortgages and expenses. The majority of these landlords are “mom and pop” small businesses, who own between one and ten units. Some landlords are reporting that tenants feel they have a “green light” from the city not to pay rent, and they fear that some tenants will never pay. The consequences for landlords, and ultimately the city, are dire. Landlords, as small business owners in the city, should not be treated differently.