Hapco’s lobbyists in Harrisburg tell us House Bill 71 on “Accelerated Order of Possession” is ready for a vote in the General Assembly. 

Hapco supports this bill and we NEED YOU TO TELL YOUR LAWMAKERS TO VOTE IN FAVOR of HB-71!

Find your PA House Representative here and send an email or make a phone call!  Tell them you’re a Hapco member in support of HB-71. And let HB-71’s author, Rep. Greg Rothman, know you support it.

Under current law, the legal process to recover possession of a rental property from a tenant now takes a minimum of 38 days, even for a simple case of unpaid rent.

HB-71 would shorten this process by 8 days.  In many cases, this would allow a landlord to recover possession before an additional month’s rent comes due.

The bill only shortens the time it takes to complete the process, it does not affect the steps required, nor the due process rights of either the tenant or the landlord.  It simply allows two independent parts of the process to occur at the same time.

Thanks for your quick action!