More than seventy people turned out this weekend for Hapco’s Real Estate Investor and Landlord Expo in Philadelphia.

The two-day event, themed “The Key To Staying Ahead,” provided information and useful resources for landlords in the private rented sector across the Philadelphia region. Attendees heard more than twenty presenters speak on tenancy property management, insurance, financial and legal advice, eviction, construction, project management, lead paint, tax planning, and more. “Education equals opportunities. The more you’re educated, the better landlord or investor you’re going to be,” said Joe Scorese, Hapco member for eleven years. Greg Miller, who is currently renovating his property for a future investment, says the event was an eye-opener.  “For me, coming from the construction background, that comes naturally. But when it comes to things like legal and finance, I’m a bit weak, so those are the things that I want to learn.” He and others also call the networking opportunities invaluable. “It gives you a different perspective, allows you to network with other people, and the good part is that I will work with some of these people moving forward,” Miller says. Real estate investor and Hapco member Vincent Hope agrees.  “I raise a lot of private money, so I’m always looking for investors, and that is what fuels my ability to do more deals.”  Scorese says more than a dozen educational opportunities are available every month for anyone interested in real estate investment and management. It begins with becoming a Hapco member. Click here to join.